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FAA Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot

We provide breathtaking aerial video and photography for businesses that require an advantage over their competition. When you think of aerial video most people picture a big Hollywood production with the camera mounted on an helicopter with a gyro stabilizer. Their was a time when aerial video required a lot of money and a good helicopter pilot and cameraman. Today that has all changed with the advancement in UAS / drone technology. If your project requires shooting from the air, we can do that, or we can also safely fly, record, and monitor all work from the ground. Our aerial video and photography services offer this using the latest UAS / drone technology.

Did you know that using an unlicensed drone operator could lead to some very serious fines from the FAA? Anyone using a drone for promoting a business, organization, product, or even themselves, must have a commercial drone license. Failure to comply with FAA regulations can be very expensive for the unlicensed pilot and the business that hires them.

High Aerial Video Sample

This style of drone video is perfect for developers. It shows your project from a higher perspective. It can be used in pre-planning, on-going progress, or to showcase your finished project.

Low Aerial Production Sample

This style of drone video is perfect for marketing. It showcases your project using creative shots. It can be used at trade shows, point of sale, websites, Facebook, YouTube, and more.


Other Samples

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